Grey Goose

Posted on October 19, 2011


Grey Goose is a French vodka standard for Premium vodka. Developed in the Cognac region by an American, who came to seek in the region of Charente the best distillers in the world. Grey Goose vodka is produced only with French wheat, and this wheat contributes largely to the quality of the final product. Grey Goose is distilled under the supervision of a professional winemaker, François Thibault.

This vodka is sell in many countries, but is far more popular and sold here in the United States.

Like a lot of vodka’s brand, Grey Goose has also its line of flavored vodkas. We can find the Orange, Lemon and more surprising, Pear flavors.

In Paris, Grey Goose is the partner of the highly publicized Ice Kube, the bar while ice (-5 ° C) from the hotel Kube.

And you did you try the flavors? Personally I prefer the pear in a Mojito Cocktail.

Don’t forget to drink responsibly








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