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Through my twitter I will bring to people the new trendy bars and restaurants where you can enjoy good drinks. I will forward the cocktails you can find there. I will also offer recipes bars and highlight those that are original. I will not only speak about cocktails, but also about unusual places.
Finally, I will highlight the new products the brands of Bacardi Martini company will launch.

Examples of tweets:
– Tonight it’s friday and as every friday I am going out with friends. We are going to try the new bar on the 5th Avenue and Spring Street. I keep you posted.
– I’ve just tried a new recipe for the Pina colada! If you add a tablespoon of cream the cocktail will be more smoothie.
– I’ve just drink a completely new cocktail called ‘El Presidente’ with Rum, Martini and Grenadine. I will give you the recipe soon.
– Have you seen the new advertising campaign for the Bacardi Mojito? What do you think about it?
– Tomorrow there is a special event on the ‘Soho Park’ on Spring Street where you could drink excellent cocktails. You should go!

Target Market / Audience:

Age Group: 25-45 years old
Gender: Women =  70% vs Men = 30%
Income:  $ 7,000 / month
Location:  urban
Occupation: they like to go out., do a museum or watch a movie. Also they currently go out to take an aperitif. They like to go on holidays
Personality Type / Personnal needs: People who love to go out with friends or receive friends at home. The need to know and follow the new trends. They love life and enjoy it. Most of them work in an company or in an agency
Sub Groups:  1) Friends   2) Couples   3) Young/New workers   4) Fashionistas :


–       Cocktail – 11.100.000
–       Rum – 6.120.000
–       Cocktail drink – 2.740.000
–       Martini – 3.350.000
–       Mojito – 1.000.000
–       Cocktail Recipes – 673.000
–       Bacardi – 823.000
–       Pina Colada – 550.000
–       Grey Goose – 246.000
–       Spirits – 246.000


I like your tittle even if it’s not so catchy, but we know what you are talking about in your article. I think it’s a good blog for the TV Shows fans. I wouldn’t have put images in the middle of the txt

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–  PR: /  –  Followers: 246

This is a really fresh cocktail. I like you historical part.
I use to put Leblon’s Cachaça in my caipirinha. Did you use other brands?

–  PR: n/a – Followers 494
I really love this cocktail. There is so many differents recipes.
Personaly I put:
10 Oz. pineapple juice
5 Oz. coconut milk
3 Oz. dark rum
3 Oz. white rum
5 ice cubes
And my little trick to increase the smoothness, add to the ingredients a tablespoon of cream.
You should try it 😉

– PR: n/a – Followers: 3.995
I’ve already been there and I find it really original. The Bacardi Mojitos are differents, much more elaborate.
We can also go and take a cocktail class during an hour and a half. A bartender learns us how to perform three cocktails that are on the menu. It’s very interesting and you realize that it’s possible and not so difficult to do it at home for your friends.
You should try it 🙂

– PR: n/a – Followers: 1.725
That’s an old picture of the bottle.. I really prefere the new one 🙂
I’ve never try this cocktqil I should really do. My favorite one with the Bacardi Rum it’s the Mojito:
- 1 ½ Oz. Of Rum
- 10-12 mint leaves
- ½ Green lime
- 2 Oz. Club Soda
- 2 Tablespoons of Simple Syrup
In a glass, put 10-12 fresh mint leaves and a ½ lime cut in 8. Cover with 2 Tablespoons of simple syrup. Crush the all, and top with ice. Add ½ Oz. Of Rum and top with Club Soda (Perrier preferably). Stir well and garnish with a sprig of mint. Finally add two straws.

I’ve also put others recipes on my blog (

– PR: n/a – Followers: 30.168
The best Mojito Bar in the french capital! The bartenders are very kind and the cocktails so good. My favourite it’s the Raspberry one. I recommend you the class of cocktails. We learn many things and we come out with the feeling of being ourselves a new bartender. You should try it 🙂


That's a really original cocktail! I have to try it! The Mojito is a legendary cocktail and it's interesting to revisit it. Some bartenders put ice and mint in the blender to get a finer texture. You can also, substitute the Club soda for Champagne. Have a look on my blog:

J'adore les mojitos!! Les meilleurs sont ceux avec du Bacardi et de la galce pillée pour moi. La glace pillée permet de mieux filtrer le rhum. Va faire un tour sur mon blog si ça te dit:

Review: xplorethecovers

I think your Twitter campaign is really well explain and clear. It sounds very interesting.
In your Target for location I think you could expand it, and not be only for the english-speaking countries. Because even if your blog is in english lots of people can be interesting in it and understand it.
Your comments are interesting because engaged and we can see that you are really interested in your subject.

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